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Misterka is not just a festival — it’s a living organism — a flying island where every person creates his or own reality — so let’s all put our energies in the right direction!

«Misterika 2017» encapsulate the concentration of fresh knowledge, non-conventional leisure and recreation, new international acquaintances, enrichment with electronic and live music with a focus on unlocking creative potential in the festival visitors.
Format of the event: Open air – world-famous musical show with thousands of visitors.
Objective: The primary purpose of the festival is the strategic development of intellectual tourism in the sphere of arts, employing international best practices through dialogue.
Mission: To cultivate modern youth’s interest to culture and arts via a versatile festival program and participation of famous performing art groups. To advocate respect and love for nature and people around. To promote historical and holiday resort value of the region among foreign tourists.

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The festival is growing on a wider and deeper scale with the annual audience increase over 30%, 85% of which attend subsequent events on a regular basis and secure the influx of new visitors.
FEST Community:
Lead organizers and masterminds of the festival
Okujah – Averin Andrey (formerly the Crimea – at present Lvov)
Iri – Kogut Irina (formerly the Crimea – at present Lvov)
Core family and team for the time being:
Alexander Gordeev(Kharkov) — live program / chill out /  finance & legal department
Igor Shylo (Одесса) – logistics, catering
Dmytro Novikov (Lvov) — sound, lighting
Curators :
Illya Kuksa (Lvov) -MAIN KURATOR
Dimitro (Zymosis) Kiev & Dmytro Novikov (Lvov) — sound, lighting
Max Rider(Dnepr) & Glebbers(Kiev) — experemental cube
Anastasiya HakKamaDa(Odessa) — info center
Olena Yashenko (Lvov) — helling area
Sedler Den (Kiev) – logistics
Serg Gydra (Lvov) — video, copywriting, graphics, education.
Geraymovich Nataliya (Lvov) — copywriting, graphics, education.
Nikita (Kiev) — finance department, legal department
Sasha Timashova (Kiev) — copywriting, graphics, education.
Ktulhu & Alise (Jytomir) — promo
Irena Osadchaya & Mohsira — Dance / Show
Main Festival Designers — Shankara LAB
Kogut Irina / Paul Spider / Denis Goryanets / Kukla Andrew