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We also consider applications from:
1. Volunteers — fill in the questionnaire
Questions and suggestions misterikavolunteers@gmail.com
2. lectures, seminars, health practice, yoga
Questions and suggestions misterikagarden@gmail.com
3. shops, cafes and benches with author’s product
Questions and suggestions misterikamarket@gmail.com
4. Fire theaters — fire show misterikagarden@gmail.com
Here it is important to note that we do not consider applications from singles — we are interested in performance, theater, masks, spiritual.
5. Press Contact (Media to journalists, TV, Radio, etc.) — Misterikapress@gmail.com
6. ART DEPARTMENT (all that concerns art design) — misterikaart@gmail.com
7. MainStage  (Artists of the main stage of projects only in psy goa chill sound — for day time we looking psychedelic rock, ragey, dub, psychill, ethnic, folk mands and projects only) — misterikamainstage@gmail.com
8. ChillZone — misterikachillzone@gmail.com
9. AlternativeStage CUBE — misterikaalternativestage@gmail.com

Send all applications in this form:
— Title and description of the project
— Your proposal: how do you see your project on our event
— Number of participants
— Full name of all participants
— Contacts
— Links to your resources
After your application, you will receive an answer and contact with the curator of your site.

Your questions are welcome – please email us at MISTERIKAFESTIVAL@GMAIL.COM  

Ps: In order to be a part of our great family and to work with us, you do not need to be a professional or a superman. We always work together and help each other in learning and in any joint activity.

All you need is to have minimal knowledge in one area or another. The most important thing is to have a SINCERE AND GREAT DESIRE TO CREATE TOGETHER HERE WITH US!